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Come On!! this is just funny!!

At age of 41, I started learning how to play the bass guitar in order to help my children with their lessons. I have been enjoying this more than painting these days but continue to paint so I can afford to buy more & more music gear!! Getting to play in a band with two of my children is simply the coolest. Well, I kinda lied about the painting....I really love it to!!  
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I was  born in a house in the small town of Irvine, Scotland in 1966. Three years later my parents decided to move the family to British Columbia, Canada. Since 1975 I have spent my life living in the city of Abbotsford, an hour east of Vancouver. I share my life with my wife and three children who are tremendous supporters in my art and allow me to spend many evenings and weekends away from home painting. A couple of my other passions are music, golf, friends and family.

Since I was very young I always loved reading comic books and watching cartoons, and eventually began drawing them.  I never imagined that my love will eventually become my semi-profession, and I am so grateful that it happened that way. I began painting in 2003  at the age of 37 in a rather unique way. I received a phone call one day from a local middle school principal requesting my art skills to paint some murals in his brand new school that was being built. After a chat over coffee with the principal, I informed him that I did not know how to paint and he should not hire me for this project. Because he had loved the drawings I had shown him that afternoon, he was convinced I was the man for the job. I tried my best to talk him out of this decision but the smooth talking principal managed to convince me to take on the mural project. With three weeks until the new school was set to open it's doors for the first time, I sat in front of my first wall and completely froze up. Desperately wanting to stand up and walk out on the project, I some how managed to muster the courage to start painting, thus my first paintings and murals were born......truly, I almost walked away from the project before I even got started simply out of pure fear.

Please enjoy what I have to offer in the world of art and to feel free to contact me to discuss, purchase, or hire me for any art required.

Thank You,
Gordon Paterson, artist.

gordon paterson